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The Michigan Midwives Association (MMA) represents a network of midwives, childbirth professionals, and students, and the spectrum of the Midwives Model of Care. We believe out-of-hospital births, attended by trained midwives, are an essential option for healthy women and their families. We support the rights of parents to make informed decisions about childbirth. The MMA supports advances in the profession of midwifery which enhance quality, community, and education among midwives, consumers, and other health care providers. The MMA is a non-profit corporation.

Our Purposes

• To facilitate communication among midwives.
• To further the education of midwives.
• To educate the public regarding midwifery and childbirth.
• To respond to the legal needs of midwives.
• To further the alliance between midwives and other health care professionals.
• To maintain affiliation with local and national organizations that share our interests, as well as other state midwifery groups.

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Board Of Directors
President: Araya Montero, LM, CPM
Vice President: Star Garries, LM, CPM
Secretary : Laurie Zoyiopoulos, LM, CPM
Treasurer: Patrice Bobier, LM, CPM


At Large Board Members
Jillian Bennett, LM, CPM
Jennifer Holshoe, LM, CPM
Cynthia Jackson, LM, CPM
Sarah Lyons, LM, CPM
Shannon McIntire, LM, CPM