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    Stacia Proefrock

    Hello! Welcome to the MMA website forum. This is a space where MMA members, including midwives, students and community supporters can come together to connect and build community and learn from each other. We want this to be a supportive, positive space, so there will be ground rules which may evolve over time. Here’s the very beginning:

    1. Please understand that even though this is a member-only forum, currently there are no restrictions on who can become an MMA member. Posts should be considered viewable by the general public. That means that members should refrain from discussing current cases in detail, revealing sensitive information, or defaming others.

    2. That said, sharing screenshots or other forum content outside of the forum is forbidden. We must do our best to maintain this as a safe space.

    3. Abusive posts will be deleted and if the poster has a pattern of disrespectful or aggressive posts, she or he can be banned from the forum.

    4. The moderators retain the right to make certain forums restricted, including MMA Board forums, midwife-only forums, etc. Currently, the forums are all public to all members. Students may post in the midwife area and midwives may post in the student area.

    5. Please refrain from promoting businesses that are not childbirth-related or offering items for sale in the general areas. There is a buy-sell-trade forum in the general chat area and it is ok to post business-related or for sale items there.

    The current moderator is Stacia Proefrock. You can PM Stacia with any concerns or technical problems.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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