UP Family Doula Care LLC, Lacy Anderson

Champion, MI, USA
Michigan 95 Champion Michigan 49814 US

We offer certified Birth Doula and certified Postpartum Doula support. Doula’s provided personalized, compassionate, and educational support to all families styles. Such as adoption, single parent and foster. Service area includes Marquette, Ishpeming, Iron Mountain, Crystal Falls, Gwinn and everywhere in between. We also offer a sliding scale fee. To learn more on how we can support you and your family check out our website https://upfamilydoula.com or call/text us at (906) 458-5678.

Services Provided:

At UP Family we want to make your life easier. We provide continuous, compassionate and personalized care to all of our families. During pregnancy we provide emotional support and evidence based information for the questions you many have about pregnancy, labor and newborn care! During labor we can provide physical support to help with pain relief. As a Doula we work side by side with your partner to help you have the best birthing experience.

Postpartum Care is for life with a newborn, we provide informational and educational support. We can answer questions about infant feedings, recovery and newborn care. A postpartum doula can provide you with an extra set of hands at home. We can help take care of the baby so you can take a shower or get some solid sleep. We also assist with older sibling, cleaning, cooking, and more!! Postpartum shifts are available day and night.

“We made a connection and I could easily communicate my needs and that they were well received. My need for privacy that may be above most mothers needs was always met and held at a high priority, I never felt awkward during intimate times having Lacy by my side because she listened and understood me.”- T.W

“Lacy was a wonderful doula! She always made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions. Even now she still answers all my questions and my baby is almost a year old!”