More Than Birth-Midwifery, LLC - Brenda Ruth BSN, CPM

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2012 28th Street SE, Suite C, Grand Rapids, Mi 49508.
2012 28th Street Southeast Grand Rapids Michigan 49508 US
(616) 446-6114(616) 446-6114
(616) 446-6114(616) 446-6114
(616) 419-8844

Professional, compassionate care provided to clients of all nationalities, religions and genders.

Areas Served: 1 hour radius of Greater Grand Rapids area

Services Provided:

Providing holistic care of women and their families during the child bearing year , including prenatal education and counseling,  nurturing birth attendance, and comprehensive postpartum support

Trained and equipped to assist with normal pregnancy and birth, and identify and refer those who require physician intervention

Specializing in water birth and home birth

Providing support for VBAC, breastfeeding, and postpartum depression

Aqua Doula Labor Pool rental