Michigan Midwifery Co

Morrice, MI, USA
2250 West Britton Road Morrice Michigan 48857 US

After becoming a birth doula in the spring of 2013, I began the process of becoming a midwife. Now, nearly a decade later I am thrilled to offer care to my community.
My partner, children and I live on a little farm tucked away in the northern corner of Livingston county. I have drawn my boundary to serve Livingston, Shiawassee and Igham counties because those residing in these counties are a forty minute drive or shorter from my home. Keeping this boundary allows me to give the best care I can.
Providing access to safe homebirth was my ultimate goal in becoming a CPM, however, I am passionate about offering well person care in each season of life.

Services Provided:

Beginning spring 2022 I will be proudly serving, Shiawassee, Igham and Livingston Counties with; well person care, PAP smears, STD testing, fertility counseling and prenatal and homebirth care.