Faithful Guardians Midwifery Service ~ Laurie Zoyiopoulos, LM, CPM

Office: McBain, MI, United States
269-283 West Maple Street McBain Michigan 49657 US

I attend births in approximately 11 counties surrounding Osceola county (I live in northern Osceola county and my office is in Missaukee county).   I offer a free/first initial visit – so clients can come and ask questions and receive an information folder to better help them make this very important decision.  Please email, call, text, or FB message me for more information!  🙂

Services Provided:

I am a certified professional midwife and have been in practice since 1994 and have attended nearly 1400 births.  I provide prenatal care, homebirth, and also postpartum care/breastfeeding support.  I offer waterbirth and have pools to provide clients with (client purchases a pool liner).  I have been trained in all 3 newborn screenings that are provided to newborns in Michigan:  metabolic blood spot screening, hearing screening, and CCHD (Critical Congenital Heart Disease) screening.  Even after all of these years I absolutely love being a midwife!