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Bumper Stickers! Only $2 each. Most are full size bumper stickers, but some are 2/3 width (labeled “small size”). Click to go to T-Shirts!

Midwife (full size) $2.00 each.

Midwife (small size) $2.00 each.

$2.00 each.

A Midwife For Every Mothermidwife-for-every-mother $2.00 each.

Midwives Help People Out (small size)
$2.00 each.

Midwives – The Future Comes Through Our Handsfuture-through-our-hands $2.00 each.

Surprise – Midwifery Is The Evidenced-Based Model Of Maternity Care $2.00 each.

Midwives Decrease C/Section Ratesmidwives-decrease-csection-rates $2.00 each.

Midwives Yesterday Today Tomorrowmidwives-yesterday-tomorrow $2.00 each.

Midwives (Accept No Substitutes)accept-no-substitutes $2.00 each.

Midwives Do Know Squatmidwives-do-know-squat $2.00 each.

Midwives Are The Answer (small size) $2.00 each.

Each Baby Gets Only One — Birth Choose a Midwife! $2.00 each.

Pregnant? Choose a Midwife!  (small size)pregnant-choose-a-midwife $2.00 each.

Midwives Are Miracle Junkies (small size) $2.00 each.

As Long As There Are Mothers and Babies We Will Need Midwives (small size)as-long-as-need $2.00 each.

Every Woman Deserves a Midwife (small size)every-woman-deserves-midwife-small $2.00 each.

Midwifery – Art And Science (small size) $2.00 each.

A Midwife In Every Neighborhood! (small size) $2.00 each.

Midwifery Is Preventive Medicine (small size)preventative-medicine $2.00 each.

If Your Insurance Doesn’t Pay Midwives They Are Wasting Your Money (small size)insurance-pay $2.00 each.

$ave Health Care Dollar$
All Insurances Pay Midwives!save-healthcare-dollars
$2.00 each.

Ask Me About My Midwife (small size)ask-about-my-midwife $2.00 each.

$2.00 each.

It Takes A Real Man To Live With A Midwife $2.00 each.

$2.00 each.

Doula Tender Labor Caredoula-tender-labor-care $2.00 each.

Epidoula- the Benefits without the Risks!epidoula-benefits $2.00 each.

Doulas Decrease C/Section Ratesdoulas-decrease-csection-rates $2.00 each.

Water for Labor – Better Than Drugsbetter-than-drugs $2.00 each.

Say No to Drugs Starting With Birth $2.00 each.

Birth Is Normal
(Best Kept Secret In American Obstetrics)birth-is-normal-secret
$2.00 each.

Each Baby Born Changes The World – Give Birth give-birth-gentlyGently $2.00 each.

Steer Clear of Me
I am A Mom-To-Besteer-clear
$2.00 each.

Want a More Comfortable Labor & Birth?
Just Add Water!
$2.00 each.

Birth Is As Safe as Life Getsbirth-as-safe-as-life-gets $2.00 each.

Breathe You Are Alivebreath-you-are-alive $2.00 each.

The Rooster May Crow but it’s the Hen That Delivers The Goodshen-delivers-goods $2.00 each.

Subvert The Dominant Paradigmsubvert-dominant-paradigm $2.00 each.

Today’s Parents Say No! To Circumcision $2.00 each.

Every Baby Deserves the Breast That Mom Can Provideevery-baby-deserves $2.00 each.

Breastfed Is Bestfed – Eat At Mom’s!breastfed-bestfed $2.00 each.

Breast milk – Infection Protection $2.00 each.

Breastfeeding – Affordable Healthcareaffordable-health-care $2.00 each.

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T-Shirts!! $20 each ($15 for lil’ uns). Click to go to Books and Dvds!

MHPO_shirt_green“Midwives Help People Out” 3/4 sleeve all cotton T-shirt. Sizes tend to run a little small. $20.00 each.


MHPO_shirt_orange“Midwives Help People Out” Ladies-Cut, all cotton T-shirt. $20.00 each.


“Midwives Help People Out” Regular-Cut, Organic cotton T-shirt. $20.00 each.


“A Midwife Helped Me Out” all cotton. Onesies for wee ones. $15.00 each.


“A Midwife Helped Me Out” all cotton Toddler T-Shirts for little ones. $15.00 each.


PUSH_shirt_purple“PUSH” 3/4 sleeve all cotton T-shirt. Sizes tend to run a little small. $20.00 each.


PUSH_shirt_black“PUSH”Ladies-cut all cotton T-shirt. $20.00 each.


“PUSH” Regular-cut all cotton T-shirt. $20.00 each.


“We Can Do It” Ladies-cut all cotton T-shirt.rosie $20.00 each.


“Great Lakes – Great Midwives” Baseball cut (3/4-sleeve) all cotton T-shirt. Dark blue sleeves, light blue shirt.greatlakes $20.00 each.


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Books and DVDs! Click to go to Top

book-into-these-hands“Into These Hands – Wisdom From Midwives”
Edited by Geradine Simkins

book-blessingways“Blessingways -a Guide To Mother-Centered Baby Showers”
by Shari Maser

book-survivor-moms“Survivor Moms – Woman’s Stories Of Birthing, Mothering and Healing after Sexual Abuse”
by Micky Sperlich, MA,CPM & Julia S. Seng, PhD,CNM

book-bellybuttons-are-navels“Bellybuttons Are Navels”
by Mark Schoen

“Childbirth Choices Today”
by Carl Jones

book-woman-to-mother“From Woman to Mother”
by Kelli Stapleton (signed copy!)

book-expect-unexpected“Expect the Unexpected When You’re Expecting! (a parody)”
by Eunice Glick, Mindee Glick Garcia & Bonnie Glick MacGinnis

book-now-baby-is-home“Now That Baby is Home – From Infant to Toddler”
by William and Martha Sears

“Free to be You and Me” $1.00

“Born In Water”
(VHS format)

vhs-giving-birth-challenges-choices“Giving Birth – Challenges & Choices”
(VHS format)

dvd-my-body-baby-birth“It’s My Body My Baby My Birth”
(DVD format)

dvd-baby-led-breastfeeding“Baby-Led Breastfeeding…The Mother-Baby Dance”
(DVD format)

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